This Is Why The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Is The Best Car In The World

The Mercedes Benz S-class series has not only broken the conventions of conventional automotive technology but also succeeded in creating a blend of luxury, comfort, and autonomy. Born in 1972 Mercedes S -class has proven to be the world’s best-selling sedan.

Courtesy: Mercedes Benz

The latest addition to the series reveals added safetyfeatures, a higher level of driver assistance with active body control. The S580 breathes using a powerful twin-turbo 4.0-litre V-8 engine. The specialised 4Matic all-wheel drive makes handling and overall driving experience smoother. E-active body control and active suspension have equipped the car with the ability to absorb road undulations resulting in a cosy ride. The new generation of the S-class will be equipped with an all-wheel steering feature which aggrandizes its cornering capabilities. To enhance human-machine interaction, the car features a large 12.8 inches touchscreen display embedded with voice assistance features. Safety features in the new S-class like rear-seat airbags, driver monitoring, and pre-safe impulse side allows one to concentrate on a luxurious driving experience. Blind spot monitoring, active lane keeping assist and active emergency stop assist are some features of a long list of the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS).

MercedesBenz has added level 3 autonomous driving capabilities into the latest S-class generation which means the car can drive on its own in a particular operation design domain with a little driver assistance. Overall, the Mercedes Benz S- class series has raised the bar of driving experience in all aspects.

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